Moh rangers going through a door.

Well what can i say, source engine is really a diamond.

whiter than beverly hills

Unreal engine is shiny, that’s what i tried to reference.

Not that shiny :psypop:

I used a colormod setting by weenurs… I thought i could be like him… I phailed.

nice picture
were did you get those moh models from?

From the last page of the moh release thread. Thank you.

It doesn’t show up that shiny to me. People need to modify their settings , I mean they sound like they play amnesia on fullbright :v

Cool picture and yeah I agree source engine IS a diamond.

Too bad VALVe is falling apart.

On a sidenote, even when I select one of my preset, I always tone down the contrast by like 2 or 3 (so it’s around 1.5, more if needed).
If you’re contrast is set to 4, no wonder why it’s so bright. :v:

hahahah what

since when

Since they decided that greed is better of a motivation than making players happy, and that they decided to make you pay $30 for a bunch of hats

They simply decided to focus on TF2 to make money. EP3 will probably not come out until TF2 is not selling anymore.
Most of their sincere fanbase quit fanboying them a while ago…

Even though TF2 is an experiment, the store was a huge success for Valve!

Guess what sold best? The most expensive items.


also has a nuclear bomb gone off? i doubt the sun itself makes light that bright and white.

huh i wasn’t aware anyone was forcing you to buy hats. interesting. maybe i live in some kind of parallel universe.

Well, hats aren’t a problem (apart from making the game drop my FPS from updates to updates), problem is if you’re new or didn’t play the game for a while, you’re fucked. Half of the weapons have to be either bought, dropped or crafted. So basicly “play the game eryday so you can get a little probability of you dropping the weapon, or play eryday to have enough metal to craft it”…

… that or spend dollars in the store. The old achievement system was great, this one is shit. But hey, once again, it’s Valve, it’s not like TF2 is their only game.

The game was fine when it first released. Items ruined it, but the majority of the players seemed to want more, more, more so it’s their fault that the game is in the state it is now.

How did this become a TF2 hat discussion? :colbert:

So bright!

I don’t think a hat is worth 8$ because of them.

Come on, that’s the price of a real hat. If you don’t think this is ridiculous and abusive then you do live in a parallel universe.

Sounds like a crap quality hat.

I bought a fedora once for 59€ and it was cheap.