MOH:W Rips [WIP]

Thought there was a thread for MOH:W rips, apparently not, guess I’ll kick one off here.

McMillan Tac-50;


Included in the .rar(s);
***** 2011 .max, 2010 .max, .3DS…
***** .tga texture files ready to convert to vtfs (normals will need their green channels flipped for source)…
***** original spec/ao/diffuse maps converted to .tga…
***** .PSDs for diffuse textures so you can change colors, add other camos etc…
***** Model itself is separated for either animating or bodygroup compiles, whatever…
***** I may include attachments that aren’t pictured in the renders…

Obviously the danger close team made the model and original textures…
All ripped, edited and re-smoothed by yours truly, Enjoy!

Thx for this nice model.

I love you. Post moar MoH WFs pls. Arb0y pls.

awesome model~looking forward to more models!

Amazing! Thank you, man!

I would release my TAC-300, but my PC died yesterday :frowning: and i´d love to get my hands on the muzzle brake before considering it finished.

Btw, (and i´m not complaining since the model is Danger Close work) the tac-50 barrel isn´t too short?

Keep up your awesome work, Ebit, i´m one of your fans!

very good!

Thank you, man!

Thanks dude!

Pew pew

Still gotta edit it some…

Looks good, next time leave a second or two before it shoots because I don’t really have time to register the first bit with it starting so suddenly :stuck_out_tongue:

My Pc is ready to go again!
Ebit, i noticed that your textures are high res compared to mine. For example, your tac-50 rail textures are 1024x512 but my tac-300 rail tex are only 512x256. Do you know why? I rip on ultra settings.
I really appreciate the .psd archives. It´s a real help to understand how the layers work (and they look great).
The animation is magnífica. It reflects the kick of the beast!

Idk about the resolution, not sure if it’s graphic wise or not cause I run on ultra. My moniter is 1600x900… if that might be it (very doubtful)

AK5c released, check first post

EBITUSA16! You still have a sniper rifles

It’s his thread, he can do whatever and whenever he want…

What the hell are either of you two talking about?

Another camo is in psd file.
Digital camo

YAY, thanks.

TAC-50 in desert camo.

Can you please rip some HK416c?
I really want that model!

I have it, I just need to fix it up;

I’m releasing this next, I still need to sort out some other things with it though…