MOH:W Weapon Models

Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone would maybe rip some weaponry from the game medal of honor:warfighter for me?, the designs and detail are really awesome, and i’d love to compile them for gmod/sfm for everyone’s use.

Somebody already ripped most models but did not release them because only a few actually share stuff on this forum.

So far mate, only two weapons from the game are available in Gmod. The AK5 and the MacMillan TC500 (I think I correct). Anything else you think of, It won’t be available anywhere.

And This is the main reason why I’m currently on making my own Polish GROM troops.

i see, just a small bump for anyone willing to do a few rips :3

Bumping a thread not even 24 hours old isn’t going to win you any friends, there’s quite a few ripped MOHW weapons on the web if you look for them, Salva has a few on his now closed blog, but it’s still available for downloads.

The only weapons models that i have are the Tac50 and the HK416 but, each one has MILLION of textures for each part, so is a pain in the ass.
There was a thread before explaining this, i think it was this one

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buddy, dunno if you realised about this but, most of those models are locked and he managed to being invulnerable to “unlock programs”. That´s why i don´t like the .dff files

you can unlock these using a program called RWAnalayze :wink: I see so many GTA modders rip stuff, then lock it claiming it as their own.

And it’s rich giving for the OP to rate my post as dumb, when it’s offering you a solution… that was just one of many places I’ve been able to get MOHW weapons, but seeing as you’re being a bit of an arse, I’ll not bother posting the other links I have… do your own ripping …good luck!! …now you can rate my response as dumb !!!

Dont bother Argyll, its always the same idiots who rate dumb , youll see on this post too. Even when you helped them before.

Anyways, thanks for the link

I agree with you…same people are obsessed with the dumb rate…you will see a dumb rate on this post in a few minutes.

Wait, that’s coming from you?

Although some users like to just use the dumb rating for no reason, I can at least explain why I stamped his post as dumb. Like AdrianTheShep stated, most of those models are locked, so trying to get the models from those are pretty much pointless. Besides, the ratings don’t have any real meaning anyways; there’s no point in anyone getting upset over a tiny little image.

Coming from you, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

Like you said why getting upset over a tiny little image ? …I don’t wanna start a spamming war with you both on this thread so just forget it.

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The guy is just asking for some models…give him a break from that dumb rating.

Yep, most of them are locked, but I used rwanalyze and unlocked them, if a noob like me can do it, then… oh never mind, like I said, there’s LOTS of GTA bloggers ripped weapons from every game going, then locked them using z-locker or something like that, to prevent people from stealing the same models they more than likely stole from someone else anyway!! Oh the irony LOL

I was trying to be helpful… I guess it didn’t work …so I shall go away and cry and rate everything dumb LOL

Merry Christmas from Nasirriyah, Iraq.

You are funny. I like that.



Mods that we’re made for GTA SA in 3ds max are automatically locked with description “iiiiiiii” in Zmodeler for some reason.
and mods that we’re made for GTA SA in Zmodeler, theres a program that can remove the “non-standart dff” error from them when trying to open on 3ds max, but doesn’t work so often.