MOH2010 3D models

Hi all, i m working on a short film named “War Against Terror” i need 3D models of MOH2010 in .max or .3ds format… i know someone has already ripped 3d models of MOH2010 but they are in .mdl format i cant use them in 3Ds max…
So anyone please provide me the character model of MOH2010

Syed Waqas Ali

Decompile the MDL?

You can extract models from this game by yourself, this is easy.

I found there MH-47 Chinook, Toyota Hilux (first mission), all rangers, seals, delta from SP.
I couldn’t find models from MP. Models are in “CookedPC”.

The campaign runs on the Unreal 3 engine while multiplayer runs on the Frostbite engine. Last time I checked, the Frostbite engine is practically impossible (or just flat out impossible) to rip from.

Anywho, just do what RedNinja or Salva told you and you should be able to get the models. It would probably be easier to just decompile what’s currently available though, so consider doing that first if you can.

do have extracted models??? i tried umodel… its very confusing :frowning:

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how can i decompile the .mdl…?? i searched but found nothing regarding decompile of mdl…

Step 1: Install the Source SDK and then run it (it’s free)
Step 2: get a decompiling program (I personally prefer Hooch’s fixed version of Cannonfodder’s MDLDecompiler, but there are other alternatives)
Step 3: Set up the decompiling program (some require being placed in a certain location, so pay attention to what is said)
Step 4: run the decompiling program and select the .MDL you want to decompile (make sure you include all of the files associated with the .MDL file, they have the exact same name but end with different formats)
Step 5: select a location to decompile the files to (I’d advise making a new folder on your desktop and decompiling there)
Step 6: Click the “Extract” button.

I am gta sa modder.
Here is Toyota Hilux
Here apache (hig poly cocpit)
75th squad leader