Mohamad Eli


I suppose he’s discussing the Xen Quran with the Saint Vortie.

You forgot one key element.

The thread title has the word ‘Mohamad’ in it. They will get you for this.

Either that or a boxer who has been a world heavyweight champion for three times.

I knew that. They will still get you, though.

mm sweety is that you give daddy some suga’

Yes, very yes.

I can’t believe nobody’s heard of Mohamad Ali. Even i know who he is and i’m british…

I read an article about him a few years back.

Even I know who he is and I’m finnish…

I watched a movie about him and yet English isn’t my main language either.

Is he just using shoes as boxing gloves ?

Nice idea, kinda humorous, even if it would have been easier to understand if he was using the heavy’s KGB.

“Cut me, I can’t see out there.”

At first I thought it was a horrible misspelling. Then I realized it was a clever pun.