Mojang Sends Facepunch Message In Minecraft PE

I was bored and just happened to open up Minecraft PE, when this message came up. Thought it was appropriate considering how much I enjoy the game Rust by Facepunch Studios. Facepunch is doing amazingly well with their Rust series, and pre-sales far exceeded their dreams. So much so, that even Mojang took notice. Good job, Facepunch.


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Hmmf intresting nice to see they gave them a shout out.


this is old


3 years old

the three big forums that gave minecraft a big push are reddit, SA, and FP

to be nice and give us a shoutout for what we did, reddit sa and fp got put in the splash rotation

the “woo, reddit/something awful/facepunch” has been in the splash rotation for like three years, it has nothing to do with rust

Why did you steal your logo from GRIN Studios?

Also nice job whoring out your blog.

Appropriated… not steal. Grin Studios went out of business, shut their doors, and liquidated.

read the wiki that you posted.

Anyway, I thought it was appropriate. Are you not amused?

Wow he is whoring out his blog. Damn Jonny you look into a lot of stuff still suprised your not a forum mod.

No, I’m not really that amused, I have seen this before on the desktop version of MC about a year before this. As for stealing the logo, it’s still misuse, in my opinion.

Thanks for that! I will update this. I should have realized that. Sorry, feeling a bit embarrassed.

I’m probably not responsible enough to be a forum mod, but I would be honored to give it a shot :v:

Idk man i always see you posting on the forums. I think you would make a good one if not a decent one atleast.

I would agree. I especially love the way you goad hackers that post “why did I get banned,” or other similar nonsense.

You do amuse me. Thanks Jonny. :smile:

You’re forgetting /v/. That’s where it popped up the earliest, iirc.