Molotov cocktail and fire mine

Since the flamethrower is being added very soon, the fire physics will be prime priority for the dev team. What if they added molatov cocktails. They would be a throwable item that can set fire to objects. This could change the pvp experience.

Crafting materials-25 low grade fuel, 10 metal frags, 5 cloth

Bp level- book

Direct hit damage-30 health with fire damage
Close splash damage- 20 health with fire damage
Long splash damage- 5 health

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There’s no fire mine

i sure the cost will be more if its in the rust game?
would be a higher tier great idea- it was mention before i think

I would like Molotov cocktails. It would be great for early game, and for throwing it into sniper nests. :blaze:

I’m still waiting for them to make grenades more useful VS players.


Molatov cocktails i like ! and just for good measure throw me in a few mojitos too :slight_smile:

Maybe more cloth and fuel for a Molotov, but I want this to be a early to mid game weapon, which can flush enemy’s out of hiding spots and set wood and twig on fire, changing early raiding.

After molotovs we get flares right?

How about flare guns.

There is a flamethrower mod for rust. Maybe it’s gonna be just like that.

There explosion of the molotov should be moderately small