Molotov Cocktail

This SWEP came up by an idea of Sillirion ( Red Dust )!

It´s a Molotov-Cocktail, with self made effects.


-It ignites Props, NPCs and other stuff that´s in it`s explosion range,
excepting players ( because of problems when respawning ).

-It pushes objects and players away, in it`s explosion range.

( Pictures included )

Here is also a picture, where you can see what the Molotov looks like:


Model and Skin of the Molotov:

Irongrip Team

Smoke Material:**

It was includet in the
VMF Explosion Pack V2, so I think
the Credits go to audio84

Pretty good. Pac_187!

Hmm, the link doesn’t work. It goes to a connection error page. Could you post it on filefront or something? Thanks!

Wow. that’s a pretty big blast it makes. cool…

Here you go: Click!

dude that’s kickass!
Let the looting begin!


No problem :wink:

Here is a picture of the Molotov, so you can see how it looks like:

Haha amazing, but my game crashed after hitting an antlion guard a few times, really hope for a fix.
(Best SWEP so far)

Hmmm, for some reason the smoke and the Molotov won’t show. Where do I put the entinitys?

its awesome

i…like flames…yay!


Make sure you have the VMF Explosion Pack

I love the model!


Usually you have to put the “Molotov Cocktail” folder into the addons folder
of garrysmod.

Than everything should work.

Ok I will check this out!

It can be that you have thrown too much of the molotov cocktail at
the same time, so that they were too many effects for the eninge.

But I will see what I can do :wink:

Has anyone else any bugs or crashes?

Wee! The greatest weapon from Finland! :v:

This would ROCK in roleplay servers for outbreaks and lootings!

gives gold star

Because a bottle of flammable substance and a rag on top is the best they could come up with! Yay!

Nice glad to see your still making SWEPS, Also did you re-add me on ICQ when i got my new account?