Molotov Cocktail


I don’t think so…

Just send it to me via PM :wink:

I’m a what now?

That looks sweet! I’m downloading.

A bottle with gasoline and a little cloth in it, all together combined
with fire :smiley:

Thanks, I got it to work. I just extracted all to the addons. Gold star and a thanks :v:

Do you think you can turn audio84’s vmf bombs into a swep, they still haven’t made a vmf suite that is good.

I don’t think so…

Because the effects he made in Hammer, are very hard to “convert” into Lua’s.
I mean I have to make the effects my self!

You, my friend, have won.

I LOVE IT! :smiley:


I love the fire and smoke effects.Oh and the people burning lol!

mafia time!

Hey, what do I have to download to make the effects look that good? I know I need the VMF explosive pack, but I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do with it, there wasn’t a readme in the zip file…

You don`t nee VMF-Explosionpack for that!

The texture is includet.

Awesome,I needed something like this :slight_smile:

Very nice. Gold starred.


Simply Great. It woulsd be even better if the rag was ragdolled.Like in L4D.

Nice swep, effects are really cool.

cool looks fun i will download it