Moment of silence.

I decided to make a thread for these two pictures.
If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to comment.

Oh wow. This really is lovely.

Good God man those sunsets…how?

I’m glad you like it.
Both pictures are made using the full scene rendering technique. (Vioxtar’s [thread=1518642]Complete Guide to Full Scene Rendering in Garry’s Mod[/thread])
I achieved sunset effect by adding orange sky gradient (58th page in Vioxtar’s guide) and a simple volumetric lighting.

Lovely, the terrain is well done on the mud as well as the aura from the haze.

Sorry to ask, but how do you achieve volumetric lighting? I’ve seen terms like “godray pass” and things similar thrown around but have failed to find any info on them

It’s just simple light beam effect made in photoshop.