Moments in gmod/clipdump

Heres one of mine but it aint recorded: One time i was playing gmod with a few friends we all use some mod that lets us drive a couch with a radio, one of my friends uses a mod to make him very tall and chases us with a spongebob playermodel down the halls in the backrooms. Good times

I remember making an E2 which basically turned me into a death cyborg.

  1. It would create and move a sphere around me which opened a small gap whenever I started shooting.
  2. If I pointed to someone with my physgun (Like a laser beam, it would also make a sound) it would move a massively heavy 0.125x0.125 cube on top of them and kill them.
  3. It would set my material to metal and make thuds whenever I took a step.

Oh all the fun I had getting banned with it.

Pokemon RP servers have always been the most scuffed unplayable shit ever, but you could find some enjoyment by becoming a team rocket grunt and doing in-character devilish acts that would inevitably get yourself banned because they hate fun, like trapping pokemon in cages using elaborate machines

even rare, legendaries, and pokemon already caught by others (apparently against the “rules” :roll_eyes:)

Look how scuffed these servers would be, hundreds of T-Posing ported models you’d have to download.
Or committing acts of terrorism

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Holy shit how did you get that pure black white beam Phys Gun? I’ve only ever gotten a Gravity Gun RGB values.

Also, is this a place to dump your Garry’s Mod videos?


Oh cool

You unlock the white beam physgun when you get banned from 100 servers.

Damn, do I commit a miniscule amount of tomfoolery in these servers?

Permanent ban, so it requires at least an extensive amount of tomfoolery.

Of course, I must discover a server without downloads (I got like 40 gigabytes left on my pc :c)