Moments with Dr. Hax - A preview

Its something that I am currently working on. I plan to add alot more to this. I hope you guys like it.

Also the map I used is not out yet, its actally being made by a friend of mine.

are you really that uncreative that you have to take someone elses idea?
if i were you i wouldnt do something on a character created by someone else.

I’m afraid that was incredibly pointless.

I also have to agree with darius on that.

BosSchitt needs to get that shit copyrighted, cuz peeps be steeeeelin.

Basboschit needs to quit in my option milking the series and its starting to suck, and I don’t want to start seeing cheap knock offs… its like the twilight fanbase… I hear mindless idiot gmod followers in GMOD now always quoting that damn series…
calm down… no more rants… Ive seen the damage a big rant can do…

I wouldn’t say its dead and he’s milking it but naming the skits is kinda dumb. But let’s face it, most “good” garry’s mod movies are random movies, and Dasboschitt pretty much perfected it with his series. It’s better than having hundreds of movies like the one’s Witchita used to make (has he been perma banned? I’m just glad he’s gone)

God I hated that guy.

all dasboshitt does is make the community stupider and makes it harder for serious film makers.
We already had a surge of random films in 2007-2008 and it just started to tone back down to decent non random films., then BAM he hits us like a bitch, he could at least be like kitty who actually BUILD A FUCKING STORY BASE its like god damn family guy, go off no story line and make random shit happen, to please the low IQ population.

Since i’ve not finished it and you guys always complain if I based my things on something else then i’ll just change it. I’ll get rid of Dr. Hax and put some HL2 and some other game characters in and do it like machinima does it, voice acting and such. There happy? Or are you going to complain again…

Oh and a little tip. I dont listen or take advise from those who insult me… Infact I ignore people who are abusive towards me.

The people who are abusive towards you offering you the best advice, I suggest you don’t ignore it.
And people should be using voice actors and planing their film out a lot more.

It’s okay. I’d recommend using one of those moving camera stools.

Oh soooooorry. How rude of us to get mad at a plagiarist trying to benefit of someone else’s idea.

ITT ScoutKing is butthurt from the gmod idiot box videos

I also can’t sleep at night, thank very much.

I am not mad at him, more annoyed and unrespectable.

(I posted this at five am with ms itouch)

That’s indeed a good reason. Literally naming your vid after somebody elses character and then bawwing when people call you out on it is hardly fair.

??? I never copied anyone’s video/ character… someone needs to read.

See the OP name is LIONHEART1066
My name is SCOUTKING ok… can you handle that… I’m complaining on dasbooshitt style, and how its like GMOD FAMILY GUY and your getting pop ups of copy cats and crazy teenagers who are like " AHAHAHAHAH SO FUNNY I COPY THAT NOW! AHAHAHA"

its like GMOD robot chicken, not family guy, there is a difference.

Started out as robot chicken style, now it turns into a sort of family guy pace, humor, Fuck man it has the same family guy fan-base if you look close enough, this thread proves it.

no, i think its more robot chicken. but atleast robot chicken is more intellgent then the crap thats spuwing out into youtube now.

I totally agree with this guy i didn’t laugh at any of that one guys videos. Also most tv is like family guy were they go FART PENIS POOPIE BOOBS PENIS and make the dumb people ( most of USA ) laugh and then repeat that over and over. JESUS I HATE FAMILY GUY!