Moments with the Heavy

2 Screenshots with the Heavy. Nothing special. And some editing in PhotoShop. I think they’re kinda of a warm up, because I’m going to make some more (I think)

POWer of Pow: Edit 1

POWer of POW: Edit 1 + Edit 2


Hope you enjoy them, just don’t be harse.

Comment and Rate.

Ha, I like the scout one the most. Blood looks a little pasted on. Nice faceposing too.

Great poses and angles, in my opinion. Blood looks… Clotted.

I still can’t make good blood stains. I used smudge tool. If anyone can help, please… help.

Anyway, thanks for the positive replies.

Posing is absolutely ace.

Could do without the text, though.

Very nice posing.

Sorry, I can’t make it without the text, I accidently deleted my save. But maybe I’ll remake them.

Shouldn’t it be "Don’t stand in the Heavy’s way… ever."?