Mon petit chou-fleur Cafè!

After a hard day of work, its better to relax…

And what better place that, Mon petit chou-fleur Cafe!

Mon petit chou-fleur Cafe!, offers the best food and customer service on the market…

And now also, implementing the new technology Wi-Fi…

Beyond Hope you liked it, I put at least 8 hours of work …
for those interested, I have the pack with all the pictures taken, there are many who are not in the post, and make a total of nearly 100 pictures if you want them let me know and I upload in RAR …


PS: its my first thread, so if its something wrong, please tell me.


i have Re-Maked a few scenes (for those who do not like the first images (me for EX)), and re build the first scene (really was the last scene thats why is so crappy XD)

so, here they are…


Thanks again for the “space” to post this crap xD

Hmm, good picture quality and pretty good posing. Pretty much pictures though.

The posing is really stiff but the little scenebuild with the props is nice. Waaaaay too many unnecessary pictures though.

well thanks, the total of pictures are about 100, so, i chose only the moust important, this is my first “scene” on gmod, so again, thanks.

The posing might be stiff but I know that is hard to pose so many ragdolls for experience, and I can tell that you placed alot of effort on this pics.

The posing in the survivors is nice tho, just practice your posing a bit more and keep on trucking.

i will follow your advise… xD

I like the scene build you did but work on your posing. Also it looks like the sniper is floating. Some thing I always do Is I think about where I want the pose to be, what I want it to look like. Then I pose the feet first so it doesn’t end up floating.

yeap, just remember its (pretty) my first time on gmod xD, so be gentile xD.

thanks for your comments.

it’s café,not cafè

yap, i miss that, sry.

Burger and pringles? Ewwww.

You posed the survivors perfect but the TF2 character’s stiffly i give it an 8/10

yea, i think im going to “re make” the poses of TF2 chars.

Thanks for your comments.

This is your first time? Those survivors are wonderful!

yeap! its my first time, ps, i`ve updated a new images to replace the first ones, who really are the last ones, thats why they are so crappy.

Enjoy, regards.

New scenes are much better.

thanks, i thought that too!

thanks for your comments…

Jebus, many many pictures.

posing is ok.

yeap, i know, but i want it to show the whole picture of the entire scene…

thanks for your comments…