Monday Night Combat: PitGirl's and Assassin (Request)

(Both team, and all gear’s if possible)

The PitGirl’s
(Both team’s)

I like to see those in gmod.

Yah of course he requests the girls for sex poses but not the guys for action and fighting poses…

Why sex poses ? Yeah someone will definetly make sex poses or nude models.
But why not have the models in garrysmod maybe someone will use em for fighting poses ?

I can easily get the skeletal meshes with all their bones and shit from the game since it uses Unreal Engine 3. I just don’t know how to write up a QC for ragdolls. If you or someone you know can do the compiling then it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Just know that these ragdolls won’t have any face or finger posing, nor will they be able to be used as player models. That would require rerigging them to the Valve biped. Also, I think there’s only one Pit Girl model. They just use a color mask to get the blue and red versions. The actual diffuse map is white. Same goes for the Assassin.

PS: Fuck the male characters, they look silly. The Pit Girl and Assassin are hawt. :smiley:

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Most people here automatically assume that “girl model = sex poses”.

I wouldn’t go that far, but plenty of female characters have been nude skinned.

Wouldn’t be surprise if this one did too. They already did a tf2 scout Male and female…

Yeah because obviously most members of the Garry’s Mod community aren’t male.

Could everyone shut up about sex poses?

The robot’s look cool, would anyone be willing to port them?

And scout teen.

Same fucking thing as the female one.


Cmon, i need that models xD

bump for ASSassin

I was gonna put in a request for the players and the robots

If someone tell to a modeler this, maybe will do these, some ppl say than that will be really hard, for port this characters :confused:

What in the blue hell did you say.

Cmon Doi’t!! xD yes we can

you get my support