Monetary Transaction- Why am I being Ignored!

I own all the skins in the game. Also recently just bought all the signs and such. So now I literally own everything on the Rust Market to support the game I love! Only problem is I can’t use any skin or sign I own. I’ve tried many things to fix this problem, but it continues to this very day. I even reformatted my SSD to see if that would for it. I knew it probably wouldn’t but I keep trying. I checked the integrity on steam. Cleared local cashe. All types of stuff with no success. Dev’s I think this needs to be a priority. We spent money for a item and you get to keep the money and Im stuck with my **** in my hand…

This is not a priority. Buying skins, who have been known to cause problems in the game lately, doesn’t make your problem a priority. It will hopefully be fixed in this week’s update and, if not, maybe in the next update. Alpha’s a bitch, amirite?

I disagree. Like the title says. Its a monetary transaction. It’s like when you pay $20 to play Rust, you don’t get the game. I don’t care who you are that’s messed up and should be a priority.

Yup, you’re right, it’s a monetary transaction. It’s also clearly stated that the game is early access, meaning it has bugs and features that don’t work properly, including the skins. You’re not the first one to report this problem. The devs are well aware of that. Hell, you might even get a refund if you contact FP (not on the forum) and ask nicely enough. But no, I still don’t consider this issue to be a priority. You can still enjoy the game as much as before (if your gaming experience is ruined by having the same in game shirt as your neighbor, well…), and you will be able to use your skins when they’re fixed. Think of it as a game pre-order. You pay for something that isn’t fully available or working yet. But you will get it at the same time as everybody else. It’s annoying, yeah. But it’s not horrible either.

Stupid bickering aside about how broken things should be fixed… Apparently if you have more than 125 items, none of them will work.

Source is this reddit post. Veracity unknown, but the both of you seem to have the exact same problem.

I’ve played plenty of beta’s and such. I know what I get myself into when I play these types of games. Rust has active Developers which update biweekly now. If they know its a issue and they are receiving money from the transaction. Why not fix as soon as possible? It discourages others from buying skins to rather help develop the game. The money has to come from somewhere for them. Yes it doesn’t break the game, but if you buy something you should back up your product 100%. I don’t want a refund. I just love Rust and want to use the skins I paid for.

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Thank you for this information. First time I’ve seen anything relating to my situation that explains it.

I posted a thread about this 4 days ago now. Turned out all I had to do was reset my steam client and everything was fine.

I had the same problem once. I wasn’t able to craft clothing skins, exactly how Exgero shows it in his video. I tried to launch Rust again, and for some reason my Rust inventory was empty. Restarted Steam and it was fixed.
But, as Exgero verified file integrity, cleared the cache and even formatted his SSD, we can safely assume that he also restarted Steam. At least once in the last couple of weeks. So I doubt the resolution will be this simple.

Maybe the problem will come back for me 2 then, I will keep an eye on it and post here if it does make a reappearance. Did u fill out a bug report whilst in game?

I like how the blanket ‘it’s an alpha expect bugs and deal with it hurr durr’ excuse extends to useless PAID cosmetic items also lol!

Why would you ever spend that money knowing that everything can change? What happens if Facepunch decides to get rid of the Tshirt ? Now you are out that cash! It might sound far fetched but they have gotten rid of stuff before fuck they started over completely once already. There are no guarantees and anyone dumb enough to buy skins now while the game is still EA deserves whatever they get.

Alright Folks AshFireCrest has found out the answer. If you have more then 125 items in the Rust game in your Inventory you’re unable to craft any of your skins or signs. I Gifted away all my doubles of items and got my inventory to 122. I CAN craft my skins now :slight_smile: Thank you AshFireCrest for providing me the answer that I’ve been searching for weeks now.

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Halfhand I know I might lose all that money if the game decides to not implement certain items into the game, but I’m fine with that. I bought the skins not because oh shit they’re badass. I bought them to Help support Rust. If you notice when you buy those items a portion going to Rust. I feel if I spend that type of money to help a game. Why not show some appreciation of fixing the “bug” which many people were having. That was my thinking making this post. Luckily it was just a Steam bug which was fixed easily and some of my friends got some skins for free.

That’s up to you brother I supported rust when I paid for it. I am fine with standard skins and I think micro transactions are kinda silly but hey that’s just me

Sorry, I disagree. Yes, the game is early access, and it’s understood you’ll have to endure bugs and other problems. But there’s a higher burden on Facepunch for any accessory items that they sell. If you’re selling a specific item, and the player spends money on that specific item, the player should be able to rely on that specific item being usable. We’re not talking about it being slightly broken, or not working exactly as intended - the guy can’t use it at all. He spent his money and did not receive anything in return.

It’s a problem and should be a priority. You’re performing mental gymnastics here out of some misguided effort to excuse Facepunch of responsibility. If Facepunch cannot ensure that users will have access to items that they’re purchasing, then Facepunch needs to either fix the problem, remove the items from the marketplace or refund his money.

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Yeah I agree. “It’s an alpha” doesn’t apply to cosmetic items. Cosmetic items are purely a cash-grab. Which is fine. But it also means the developer has a higher responsibility to make sure they’re functioning properly - or at a minimum, functioning at all.

Usually when people come here whining that they paid money and are having to deal with some bug, it’s sour grapes. This one is legit.

Glad to help. Would be nice if you created a “[BUG] Cannot use skins if you have more than 125 items” post on reddit and limited it to just the facts of the problem. It’s much more likely to catch the Devs’ eye (and provide knowledge to others in the same situation) that way. Honestly, if I was a Dev of a game as popular as Rust, the likelihood of me having the time (or desire) to read a thread labeled as sensationally as this one would be pretty much zero.

I guess you’re not aware of the issues Linux users had in the past for rust.

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I appreciate you share the same feeling that a game should take care of its users even if it’s a micro transaction. I honestly felt that I was being ignored and was starting to resent the Devs for not taking action and or responding to me/us the consumer. Even though it was a easily fixed bug on steam. I still wish the Devs would respond so we know that they hear us. Whether they agree or disagree. If Rust does come out with more skins that exceed 125 this issue definitely does need fixing between Steam and Rust. Ranting over lol

you just dont understand what priorities are…
geting BROKEN stuff fixed is priority, yes… but broken stuff that is broken for EVERYONE… not just 1 guy who spent a lot of moneys on skins… who have 0 effect on gameplay.

things that make the game unplayable… like… well, linux client… memory leaks, exploits, broken mechanics… well… anything has a higer priority than this… skins not working is at the bottom of the bottom… right next to: game not working on my Video card, Trident 9440.

I think they fixed this in the next update, on the dev server (londen dev ) i had no problems anymore to select some of the unique skins.

Sorry but alpha or not if you accept a monetary payment for something but then fail to deliver that something it’s called “Theft by deception” or “fraud”. If it’s done over the internet then it becomes federal if the seller is within the United States, or international if those payments go to another country.
So for liability purposes fixing the issue is priority.