Money back

Well i really like rust and i really enjoy playing it but i think its not so funny after all so i wanna have my money back and the account taken so i can get something else for the money. So later like in a year when the game is bigger id buy it again. So can anyone tell me how to get money back and give my account back too?

Get ready for the flames.

I am sure Garry specifically said no refunds.

Do you know where? I glanced at the order page from the website to see if there was any such conditions and didn’t actually find anything really related to the order, the only specific no refund I see is if your account was banned for cheating.

Pretty sure ur not getting a refund…


I don’t believe it was on the buying page but I am sure I did see Garry say so somewhere, although I wouldn’t be 100% on it.

wait for the game to get bigger and come back then , after all you are a “alpha tester” so it shouldn`t be all fun :stuck_out_tongue:

He said it in regards to cheaters not getting refunds I believe. No one forced you to buy a key sir.

you can sell your account on

You don’t deserve a refund…

Honestly that doesn’t sound like a legit reason for a refund. It is a digital item and most likely you will not get a refund. With the reason “I don’t like it” it really doesn’t qualify because they did specify that it is in alpha.

digital items are sold as is, without warranty, or even guarantee of playability. you’re not getting a refund. this is an alpha, as such it is not a finished product. you were the idiot who ponied up the money for that key… you only have yourself to blame.