Money back?

How do I go about getting my money back for Rust? I bought the game via Steam.

I love Rust. I know the game is in the alpha stage. The issues with the game I can deal with… however I’m fed up with the servers. It’s the constant server crashes, insane lag spikes, getting randomly kicked, etc… If gaming is supposed to be fun, the servers are sucking the fun right out of this game. I know the game is in alpha, but this is ridiculous.

I looked into setting up my own server… only to discover I can’t - not cool. Went and bought two servers from different providers only to run into poor performance and horrible support. I won’t make that mistake again!

So I’m out of options. I would like my $19.99 back.

You do not get your money back. And to be perfectly frank, I do not feel any sympathy at all for someone that willingly bought themselves into a game in its development stages, expecting the game to work like a charm, and then expect their money back when reality smacks them in the face.

Technically, you did NOT get to buy the game to have fun. You had the opportunity to buy into the game as a tester for the developers to watch and learn from to help them in their development process.

How many hours have you put in?

Hi, I’ve only played 462 hours and I’m not satisfied with the unfinishedness of this game. I would like a refund as well. I mean really, how dare they try and sell us a game while it’s still in development.

Sorry, that was my try at sarcasm. Anyway, good luck OP. It was your responsibility to know what you were buying before you bought it.

From the Rust ToS:

What you can expect of us:

We don’t make any promises about the contents of Rust – including what it does, how it does it, future patches, beta versions, reliability. If Rust breaks we will try to fix it as soon as humanly possible.

Now I know they don’t specifically mention server performance here, but with a game at this stage of development, it’s to be expected (not by everyone apparently).

I’m also curious, how many hours have you played?

It’s been said already but I’ll give a shout in here also. OP, you knew outright this game was unfinished. By purchasing it, you agreed to the fact that it is unfinished and in active development, and that it was being sold as-is to you. You don’t need your money back, you need patience. They will get these issues fixed in due time.

The point of buying a game while it’s still in early development is to support it so that it might become something worth playing. I bought Rust back in November and I’ve hardly played it since, and I’m perfectly content to wait until its in a more playable state. You obviously can’t get a refund so I suggest you relax and enjoy the show.

By purchasing the game you agreed to the terms and conditions. Steam does even state “This game is in Alpha Testing” and advises you that gameplay may change at any point without consideration of your personal entertainment.

Best suggestion is to utilize your $20 investment and play the game, give feedback (positive and negative) and find any game issues and help the development of the game go from what you perceive as a horrible game into a much better gameplay.

Edit: (Source Steam Store)

I never expected the game to work like a charm. I knew from the start I’m buying a game that’s still being developed. You can think I’m stupid for buying such a game and supporting it’s development. That’s fine.

Technically, I bought the game to have fun and to support it’s development. I did not donate towards the game’s development… I bought the game. So yes, I do have an expectation that I should have some fun too.

I did not buy the game to be a game tester.

I like the game, even as is with it’s current problems. My issue is with the servers, or more specifically the server hosts. A lot of Rust servers reset, kick players out, lag, crash, etc… causing players to die and start all over again.

You’re upset that you purchased a game with the knowledge that it wasn’t complete and the intention to support it’s development but have found it to be an incomplete game… What?

This is an important lesson for everybody – when you buy early release/alpha games, do so on the virtues that exist in the game at the moment you click that button. It might get better, it might not, and nobody has a magic button to make development move faster or in the directions that we may want.

That said, how many hours do you have? You’ve not answered that yet, and a few folks have asked. It sounds like you got your money’s worth already.

Then you clearly did not read the Early Access disclaimer that was in your face when purchasing Rust through Steam. And I am sorry if you are under the misconception that servers should work properly for a game that is not even in its Alpha stages yet.

I don’t really admire the part that the team of facepunch, i know they work much, work on so much projects at the same time.


Very good performance/support.

(nothing to do with them, but I do rent two servers).

Hi, I have drove 200 000 km with my car but I don’t like it. Can I have my money back ?

Did you play games in Alpha before? I have and I assure you this game is very playable.
I have played games where the beta was less playable then this Alpha.

That being said, I don’t like it that the only thing they added since I joined was adding shared locks.
But there seems to be some progress now with the experimental branch.


And if you’re having poor server performance on every server as you claim, the problem is most likely you bro…
Try using a wired connection, or maybe upgrade your dial up.

You are right. I do expect the servers to work. I don’t expect every feature of the game itself to work, or be complete, or be perfect, etc… but I do expect the servers to work. What’s wrong with that?

The game isn’t free. It’s sold with the disclaimers that it is incomplete and may change, but with the implication that it is playable - and it is if the servers don’t crash, randomly kick you, or lag.

I’m sorry if my level of expectation isn’t appropriate. I guess I should give the developers my money, be quite, and like they say “trust them”. I wonder what exactly motivates them to finish/improve the game now that they have my money.

I’m not the only player getting lag, getting randomly kicked, and seeing servers crash or get wiped/reset. My 14.4k dial-up modem isn’t crashing the servers I am not on.

The fact that they’re professional game developers who want to make the game and have the integrity to stand by their promises?

And if you don’t trust them to do that, why did you give them your money?

Garry’s Mod has been supported on Steam for basically a decade, now. FP isn’t some fly-by-night front set up by Sergey Titov or some shit.

You purchased the game ‘as is’ (as it is still in development and may have server crashes, lag spikes and naked men).

If I purchased a kitten from a pet store that had the label ‘still being potty trained’ I would not take it back to the pet store asking for a refund after it defecated projectile style clumps all over my white sofas/carpet/neighbours. I would rationalise that I purchased a kitten ‘still in development’ and deal with it.

Thank you.

You need to go via Steam Support - we can’t issue refunds. They probably won’t give you a refund if you’ve played for a significant amount of time.