,money down the drain READ PLS AND FIX IT

I’ve had enough
i died and did not appear in my f*** bad, i just starting from begin with f*** rock, and my house just dissapeard can u fix that bug ???

You do realise it’s in Early Access/Alpha? Expect bugs - even if you did pay for it.

It could be that you didn’t wait long enough.
As far as I know the “spawn at your camp” option only works every 5 minutes.

DeathDragon mby yes i made logout and login after 10 min but its not my bad, server was full all the time and i lost all my EQ :confused:

My two wooden shelters mysteriously vanished along with everything that was inside them, whilst my old house is still standing after a couple of days.

Bugs in alpha software? Impossible!

either you just died like twice in a row and you have to wait 5 mins. or someone raided you, killed your body, and destryoed ur sleeping bag. not a bug… its happened to ALL of us…

Shelters only last 8 hrs. Shelters can be destroyed with a hatchet.

I didn’t know they only lasted 8 hours. I partially retract the sarcastic bit about bugs and alpha software :P.

Check this out:

Decay timers:

8 Hours: Wooden shack
24 Hours: Wooden structures
4 Days: Metal structures.

Note: opening doors and starting fires inside the structure will reset the timer