Money Finder

Hey. Is there any tutorial on how to make a money finder with wire mod or any other mod with for darkRP/RP.
I see lots of people using one on a lot of servers but i don’t know how to make one.
Thanks in advance

Can’t you just wire up a holo emitter (or something which could point to directions) with a target finder that has targeted spawned_weapon?

  1. Spawn a Holo emitter
  2. spawn a holo grid
  3. spawn a target finder - entity filter: spawned_weapon
  4. spawn a Beacon Sensor, output world position (GPS)
  5. match up all the Emitter’s X, Y, Z to outputs World_X/Y/Z
  6. link your beacon sensor to your Target finder
  7. link your holo emitter to your holo gird
  8. change your holo grid to GPS
  9. link your emitter’s “Active” to your target finder, output 1 so it stays on.
  10. have fun

well, im looking for the money witch i dont think is a weapon, and i dont know the what to put in the target finder for it

it’s an entity, I edited my post.


It’s only named as spawned_weapon so people can pick it up, same with drugs, shipments, etc

so, it will track into all of that?

basically. I’ll look into it real quick, be right back

okay, thank you very much, just wrote it down

Does anyone know the model name for the money, i cant find it -.-