Money Melon (DarkRP)

I so was fiddling with lua today and I created this. This is my first release of anything.

The Money Melon!

Basicly , It explodes into lots of money!

Pics are in the link :slight_smile:

When used it starts a count down , Then propels it’s self into the sky in a pretty money fireworks explosion!

Each money is worth $100 and 35 of them spawn.

That means it’s admin only , Of course!

Enjoy and comment anything you might think would improve it!

Note: This is heavily based on the Shrapnel Grenade SWEP. So credits to those two.

EDIT: Ignore the graphics , I know they burn. It’s what happens when you run gmod on a radeon mobility X300

That would make for some mingely good fun.

The trails give it a nice affect