Money model for RP servers?

I’ve been playing on rp servers for about a week now, but can’t seem to find the model for money, all I see is giant errors coming out of my money printers. Does anyone know where I can get the model? I’ve searched everywhere for it.

Do you have CS:S?

Yeah, I think you need CS:S for money models.

The model is from CS:S

Yep CS:S Assault, I can offer a addon from a GCF file if I wanted to :stuck_out_tongue:

But that would be illegal.

Quite true. We can leave now.



I’m having the same problem but i cant get CSS on steam all i want is the money prop so i don’t have to look at errors and guess were the money is. Another thing what about half life 2 dm on some rp games they have money cant i just take it from there.