Money on fire ;)

I want to do if the spawned_money entity touch on fire it will burn too

Like if the money printer on fire so it burn it too

Cause it’s on the printer and nothing happening i tryed alot nothing works :S

Anyone know function that can check if it touch fire :S?

Do you want the money to burn up too?
Or just turn on fire?

And give me the money printers init.lua.

I’m not 100% sure about this, as I’m not really familiar with DarkRP anymore.

Well i want it burn up like printer

Well all the informain you need it’s just the entity name “spawned_money”

All the other things i can edit just make the code / explain me how i can check if it touch fire

But what ever here is the code :smiley:

You can check all there :stuck_out_tongue:

You could just make it so if the money printer explode, the money printers printed money also turn on fire.

No no i just want if it touch fire it burn.

You could use that.

That i know but i used


And it worked :smiley:

good for you.