"Money, Or he dies!"

Makarov strikes again.


Blurry as hell and he already got the money so why shooting him?

He want’s more.

Give me manoy


Thats a feckin tiny pistol and its blurry as hell.
Hamrea Fakle iz foarting the zuu.

You already said it’s blurry.

That pistol is from the Left 4 Dead Weapon’s Pack, That’s why It is small.

Use a different one then. You can’t just say where something is from like it gives you an excuse that it’s bad.

That’s like having someone say “damn those models are really low res” and you say “that’s because they’re from Half-Life 1”.

Makarov just sitting there looks lame. The hostage also looks like he’s just chilling. And I know it’s the model, but why would terrorists wear bullet-proof vests when they’re in their secret hide-out? (Unless there’s actually somebody there as the observer and they ask him to get them money)

Remove the dollar bill, have the terrorist actually abuse the hostage to make his intentions clear.

Also, try adding an overlay for a camera-like screen.

And stop rating yourself agree.

Will Cooperate

Yes sir.


I can rate myself because I can.

Stop rating me ‘Box’ ( Oh that’s right! Because you can! )

Good point

If you’re going to rate all the criticism “dumb” and all of your pathetic responses to it “agree” you may as well just leave this forum right now.

Nope, I’ll stay right here, thank you very much.

You should may read this: http://www.worldaffairsboard.com/attachments/ancient-medieval-early-modern-ages/11595d1220309043-afghanistan-legends-stfu_and_gtfo.ashx.jpg

Makarov looks like a little girl.

I read it, But I don’t listen to little immature kids, sorry!

The guy on the table is posed oddly.
But I like the model used for the hostage, where did you get it?

Posing is Jerky and unnatural. Blur used for no apparent reason. Bad camera angle. Prop’s are not used well (Gun, Table - Give him a bloody chair or make makarov stand.) And also just plain boring.

I like how the lamp you used is only giving the effect of one window, when you can plainly see the window in the back has several tiny windows (whatever you want to call them) and would cast a lot of tiny shadows of the bars or w/e on the people in this picture but w/e. thats laziness for you I guess.

Posing on Markarov is really stiff.
Hostage is Chillen.
Guy on the left is hold the shotgun right. Even if he is relaxing, YOU HAVE A SHOTGUN! that’d be pretty cool to me, so I’d beholding it correctly.

I give you a Gaybo- I mean an optimistic.