Money Printer Add Help

Hello all Im tring To Add A money Printer to Darkrp but i am haveing a promblem.

i have gone and made the file needed for it (entity file) and also dont the addentity code now idk if im missing something but im getting this error when i try to buy it…

Attempted to create unknown entity type gold_money_printer!
ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘PlayerSay’ Failed: gamemodes\darkrp\gamemode\main.lua:1123: attempt to index field ‘dt’ (a nil value)
Error: hook->PlayerSay returned a non-string!

could someone plz help thx

also idk know if that main.lua:1123 is the line of that lua file but here the line…

item.dt.owning_ent = ply

Did you copy the original shared.lua from the money printer before. That’s a data table variable, it only does errors like that if you either haven’t added it or gmod is fucked up.