Money Printer Crashing Game

Okay, so I have been experimenting with cam.Start3D2D and things have been working fine, until something strange started to happen after the new update. It probably wasn’t the game update but in any case my printers now crash my game, as well as the game of anyone on the server once one player has spawned the maximum of each printer. Not a LUA error crash back to the main menu, a fully fledged black screen hl2.exe process ending abruptly kind of crash.

Just ask if you need to see anything in it and I will post it straight away. Thank you in advance!

Do you have !cake Anti Cheat?

Actually not at this stage, it was previously installed but I removed it after that was causing issues with joining the game before I found out that there was an update for it, I haven’t reinstalled it since.

EDIT: Just re-installed the updated !cake and issue is still there, nothing noteworthy showing in the web console either