Money printer!

To be realesed soon. (Just gotta recompile the qc)
The texture’s text has been changed tho



I think.

I dunno if you can incorrectly spell a incorrectly spelt word.

sexy :smiley:
btw is it your first model if so nice work :smiley:

Anyone else think of this when coming into this thread?

Model looks good, texture looks a bit weird to me though.

yea, this model is a year old.


I just noticed this thread is a bit of change from the regular “ports from other games” threads

Yeah, but that could be due to the compression of the screenshot. When I take screenshots in gmod, they always look worse than the real thing.

it looks kinda primitive.

I was expecting a model of a Wii or a DS.

Could you reskin it to make it look more rugged? Cause some one might wanna use it for DarkRP ( :downs: ) With your permission of course

The whole point of this model was to provide every RP server with a money printer. The reason is looks crappy is becuase:
1: So it could be spammed and not effect the server in anyway
2: What the fuck does a money printer even look like? (I used a card printer for reference)

Too bright!

Way too bright!

This is what i really meant by “look more rugged”

It doesn’t need to look rugged , I’m saying that the body is a dazzling shade of white and the printer part itself is almost invisible.

May I see the VTF?

and then nintendo looked down annoyed at Sony and said “IT PRINTS MONEY BITCH!!”