Money Sack

Hey guys im working on an rp and its really boring. So im working on getting amazing models instead of boring ones.
Im currently trying to replace the model of the money when it is droped by a player using the command /dropmoney. I know how to edit the lua and replace the model but I do not know how to create models. I have searched many times with nothing comming up, so I decided to come and ask you guys.
Im looking for a small money sack, sort of like the ones that are put in the money moving trucks. Here is an image link (
If you can make it about the size it appears to be in the picture; just a small sack that looks like the one in the picture. If you could make it like a ragdol that would be great! I really want to make this roleplay amazing and when using dark rp it can be hard. Thanks a lot guys. Please add me on steam (thesilentdiablo) and let me know if you think you can do this. Thanks again


I would rather it be more towards the realistic part but because you are doing the work I want you to decide; and if you could ad like a DeG on the back of the sack so no one else does this, that would be great!

Aww okay but if there is something you don’t want to do just let me know, its not required.