Money System help?

so yeah im workin on a gamemode and all, and i need to make a simple money system for it. one that does these things

-displays money HUD in the left-middle of your screen
-gives 50$ if you manage to kill someone
-has an f2 menu that you can open with the option to buy an SMG for 1.5k (i can just copy-paste this up so i can add in more weps at will)
-has a save function
-has a function to load the players previously bought weapons on death and/or server restart/or rejoin+

Other things that would be helpful:
-a way to completely remove possibility for friendly fire (code snippet)
-a 5 second spawn immunity code
-a better spawn menu (team_red and team_blue for teams, menu is called team_menu)
-an F1 help code snippet

what my gamemode is:
my gamemode is called “AirWar” and its based around capsadmins propeller engine. players can be on ither red, or blue and be colored according to the team they are on. difficulty is the name of the game, its kind of hard to shoot someone out of the sky when your both moving at 80mph through the air in random directions, but some people manage to.
Kill the other team, get money, spend it on weapons and upgrades!

Heres the Alpha testing server if your interested:

Sorry if I’m reading this wrong, but you’re asking us to code a major part of YOUR gamemode for you?

It’s the requests section.

or give me a link to a system that is very similar


I’m just saying, how could it be HIS gamemode if we are the ones coding it?

Since when were YOU coding it?
i coded the entire thing, all i need is a bit of help

Wrong, by reading your post it appears you have coded fuck all and want us to do it all, oh well.