-$Money System$-

I recently just read an article that Garry is planning to remove zombies in the future and integrate fully functional NPC’s, so I just wanted to put an idea out there.

A Fully Functional Money System.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could trade with both people and NPC’s using a money system similar to coins as a currency.

This would not only integrate trade between players and NPC’s, but it will allow people to offer their money in order to get resources from maybe in game shops to build or trade with.

This would also include selling, buying and trading, all resources guns, and money with NPC’s an players in the game.

Let me know what you guys think.


its not WARZ
go away.

+1 to Shnabub.This is not WarZ/infestestion survivor stories.You found your materials you build with your materials

WarZ is COMPLETELY different than this idea. Also, that game sucks because it is practically impossible to use the money in game to buy the guns and stuff from the market.

A fricken water bottle was 6,000$. That doesn’t make sense does it.

Also, instead of acting like a jerk you could maybe suggest something that you would like to be added to this idea you don’t have to go around trying to talk down to people.

If you don’t like the idea then suggest something else.

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Sky you are not building with your own materials because when you kill someone then you get all of their resources/weapons. That is not your resources.

A player driven economy would be neat, but I prefer bartering/trade than randomly adding loot drops to zombies or selling all your shit to random NPCs.

Unless it was Shadowrun’esque Credit Sticks that can only be used by the original owner unless you break the protection on it or some other kind of “cashless” money system, its a bad idea. I don’t know how WarZ or whatever its called nowadays handles money, but if money was a thing, it would just be another reason to kill everyone as they would most likely drop it on death.

Thank you for the actual suggestion and I agree with you. It is more secure than dropping your stuff on the ground for your friend.

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Well, you might be able to keep your resources upon death, but lose all resources and guns.

I agree, I also think that the players building their own trading posts and using an honor system to keep that area death-free is an interesting and possible game mechanic under the current system. Although a trade screen would be nice.

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NPC’s should be quest givers, and random people, not shops IMO.

(if quests are to be a thing) Let’s face it, if rust is only about surviving they are going to need to introduce some very unique mechanics to make it fun for more than a couple of days.

I think that a full on sandbox game where you make the quests yourself and pay other people to do things (in items) is all-in-all better. I don’t even want friendly NPCs, I want those “friendly NPCs” to be other players.