Money (That's what he wants)

Yeah yeah I heard the damn song off Mafia 2 and I wanted to do something with it

Sniper’s faceposing is great.

Love your Team fortress 2 screen shots.

Brilliant Enhanced, your perfect at maintaining the classes attitude.

I dunno, sniper doesn’t seem like the type to say cunt.

Nice pose.

Pretty damn good.

Instead of cunt, shouldn’t it be wanka?

are you fucking serious cunt

he’s australian

i’m canadian by birth but being here for 14 years, even i say cunt every third or fourth word

The sniper’s lines seem a little forced. A harsh swear like cunt isn’t usually used following something as simple as “annoying”, at least in the Mancunian British sub-culture.

no trust me cunt is thrown around like it’s going out of style


especially in the army. standard greeting is “HEY CUNT WHAT’S UP” or a variant thereof. it’s an affectionate term in that use.

How would a black man like ai know that.


I kinda expected the Pink Floyd song.

I prefer the Beatles version of the song but it’s a great song anyway

But more on-topic, I like the pose. The Sniper’s face-posing is perfect.

The Sniper’s chin is inside of his collar, if it was shifted to the right or if his body was shifted to the left it would look great.

Other than that, the Sniper I would imagine would have said “…Stop snappin’ ya’ wanka” -Aussie voice

And lastly, I think you should reposition your text bubbles, it seems wrong to cover up the sticky note.

Great finger and face posing, 'specially for the Demoman. Great stuff, hope to see more!

Wanker is an English term and almost never used here. Cunt is just fine.