moneyRequest() - E2 functions for DarkRP

I wrote these a while ago for a friend’s server and my own, and I’ve decided to publically release them now since they’re really useful.

Usage is simple - I’ve provided plenty of functions for returning whether people have pressed yes, no, etc.

Steam Workshop

All comments are appreciated. (so are error reports)

Nice to see it’s been publicly released rather than CoderHire.

I would rather rely (well, not really) on them liking the script (then possibly donating) rather than them buying it, hating it, and leaking it.

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(not to say I haven’t considered it)

Looking good! I’ve been waiting for something like this :slight_smile:

Nice work!

This is damn nice, I gave it a try on my dedicated server and in Single. On the dedicated server this however popped up:

It still appears to work fine with that error.

That file is only for adding the definitions to the E2Helper dialog, I’ll try and fix it.

How would i make a button open this box? thanks!

Could you put this on github?

I’m able to give nan amount of money to player (which is 0/0), making player unable to use his wallet. I’ve made a fix for myself, but other servers may be at danger.


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