Monitor goes black during gamemode

I was playing GModRP last night, my screen black. My computer was on, today it happened twice during a gamemode of zombie survival.

My screen wouldn’t turn back on, so I was forced to restart my computer to get it back on.

I come back on my garrysmod folder to see a lua_temp folder that was never there before, so I delete it.

Anybody know the problem?

lua_temp is nothing to worry about it deletes it self when it needs to d/w about it, turn your monitor off then on that usually fixes that problem, or your monitor could be dieing or graphics card test them out to be sure make sure nothing is like burnt.

I turned it off then on last night, still wouldn’t work.

This happened me, then my Monitor exploded…
Not really, the sound card just fizzed for a sec.
Havent seen the poor thing in 2 weeks :frowning: