Monkey Business Gaming get devious in a hilarious murder session!

Hey there everyone!

A couple of buddies and myself decided to film our endeavours on games like GMod and have produced our first episode for this game! Good times! Hopefully if you’ve got a few moments to spare you can check out our video and maybe give a cheeky like or subscribe if you like what you see! All feedback is greatly appreciated as we want to be able to make this work and produce great content.

We are hoping to push for videos every monday, wednesday and friday and will be going through Smite, Starbound, Battlefield 4 as well as indie games and other content. Our aims are quality content, hilarious shenanigans and big MLG plays… ok maybe not the last one but hopefully you enjoy our little channel and what is to come :slight_smile:

Please give as much feedback as possible if you can, good and bad, we need it :slight_smile:

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