Monkey Island

Hi I’m Dan2593 and I’m a mighty pirate. But not a mighty moddeler, texturer or any other word ending in ER.

However I do have a request. I want to see Guybrush Threepwood Mighty Pirate in Gmod.
With Telltales latest release surley we can rip him straight out? Or maybe from Monkey Island 4?

Either will do but I think ‘Tales’ feels more Monkey Island than ‘Escape’.

The whole crew would be nice but I don’t like to go overboard. I’m surprised no Telltale characters have been taken. They have vast comic capabilities. Strongbad, Wallace and Grommit, Sam and Max and Gubrush have yet to be ripped. I hope they do soon.

Yeah Guybrush would be awesome.

For a while I thought this was the mapping section… I think I have an idea for a new map.

Not possible afaik, someone made a Telltale archive ripper but Telltale requested that him not to release it, no archive ripper, no models to decompile. And I think it runs on some really old DirectX or something, or maybe DXripper just doesn’t like it. Either way…

I’d really like a Guybrush model. I’d really like to see someone rip a King of Town model from SBCG4AP, though.

I’m sure if somebody arranges something with Telltale they won’t mind.