Monkey Sanctuary -Active Admin, PVP, Oxide, Starter Kit, Regular Airdrops, Noobs Welcome-

Small server based in Central US looking to get a few extra people on to play with.
The admin herself doesn’t engage in PVP/raiding, but is happy for others to go ahead…even raid her house if you find it.

The server is well maintained with regular backups taken. No admin abuse. Regular airdrops every 30 mins. Admin on daily. Starter kit and auto-location on
I’m tinkering with the idea of adding L.E.S. plugin to add something more to the game.
Since it’s a new server, I’m open to suggestions on changes to make. Feel free to let me know.

If you fancy dropping by, just hit F1 and type this in:

Hope to see you there. :slight_smile:

Hacking, cheating, griefing, spamming, exploiting and generally being hateful are all bannable offences. Just don’t be a douche, really.