Name: Monopalypse
Stage: Early Development


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So basically, it’ll start out as a Monopoly STYLE game.
When you land on a “chance” spot, You will receive a card, which will either give you an NPC of different types, give you money to outfit your NPCs with, or remove money & an npc.

And then, yo can still buy properties and such. and the person with the most properties & money at the end of the rounds wins.

but. When someone lands on someone elses property, instead of paying rent/tax. You will fight with the # of NPCs you have equipped to that property. They will be equipped with whatever weapons you give them, and whatever npcs you attach to the property.

The amount and weapons will be noted by a model or something ontop of the property.

So this is kind of a board game / Death match gamemode.

There will be a jail yes. Players will be stuck in the jail for approx 120 seconds, and then released. Or may pay bail to get out, or will have a Get out of Jail free card.
There will still be a spot to get random special cards, for money, get out of jail cards, move forward, etc…

Sounds fun right?

Upgradeables would include Armor, and Weapons… for now…

Different NPCs would include probably.
All the combines, rebels, hunter (expensive as hell), and even zombies as lower level npcs.

I will try and get about 10 player pieces at first, and add more later.


None Currently

This is all I have right now… I need more ideas to expand upon it with… So help me out guys. I’ve gotten quite a bit, but I still need to work the smaller details out. And if you want to, you can help submit suggestions & ideas on it. Otherwise it’ll just be what I think up

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Hey this sounds really cool, you’ll get a download from me!

Will I recommend using gm_worldwide for a playing board? :wink:

I haven’t really worked up exactly how I’m going to work up doing the board itself, but I will figure it out.

Oh forgot to mention. This will be using a hell of a lot of Derma menus. Screw those chat commands.

I just figured this…
Instead of only being able to fight other players for their property when you land on it. You could be able to A) Pay a fine (determined by number of NPCs on the property) or B) Challenge the Owner to a battle and attempt to take over the property. Which would be choosable via a MenuList similar to AssMods, or probably similar to ULX’s !vote menu

Yay, I love screwing chat commands!

…that came out wrong

Also, if anyone is willing to help script this gamemode, or make custom models, sounds, or do mapping, please contact me via PM or via Steam, my SteamName is xvampyricx.

What custom models are you looking for?

What happens if the NPCs kill you?

Something to use as game pieces.

Uhm… If they kill the player themselves… I’d say as of now, you’d just act like an NPC in it, but if you die you respawn and keep playing, but you can help defend / take over a property.

I’m Thinking i’ll make two menus, one to equip/upgrade NPCs, and one to equip/upgrade yourself, which will have a lot more options, like CSS weapons and such.

this seems awsome

I give you my support

Wow… was that bump really necessary?

Fuck, here I was thinking this was a new idea. Then Blah360’s post makes me notice this is from February.

hey guys, he’s got a nice idea, lets all rate him dumb…

and then if you post “i got a awsome idea , just need someone to add darkRP classes” they just…flame u


Ratings mean nothing if someone doesn’t reply, the only real helpful reason they have is as a poll or something.