Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Wii U Models

Hey all,

so I’ve joined the Wii U game extraction hype and targeted Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The game uses MT Framework Mobile just like the 3DS counterpart but I guess the Wii U port is more interesting due to higher res textures and better models. So here we go.

  1. All the interesting stuff is stored in .arc files, easy to extract, just use Sectus’ arctool
  2. Wii U version uses another byte order than 3DS version
  3. Models use .mod, textures use .tex format as usual for MT Framework games
  4. Probably due to the endiannes, Zaramtos script doesn’t work for the Wii U models but should be a good point of reference. It does work for the 3DS models however:

  1. No idea how to go about the textures. Header example:
    00 58 45 54 0A 50 00 02 31 00 04 00 01 0C 00 08
  • first 6 bytes are always identical
  • 00 40 is height I guess (1024)
  • 00 01 is width I guess (multiplicated by some factor, afaik MT framework does that right? 1024x256 would be weird. maybe 4x?)

Here are some example textures and models. Please take alook:

Here is one texture converted.
seek 0x8
width = (reashort & 0x1FF) * 8
height = readshort

Definitely would be interested in this, especially if the assets are as good quality as Tri on the Wii.

i really hope someone makes these, id love to have zinogre or Dire Miralis in SFM or gmod.

Should make a thread on Xentax as well, will probably garner more interest/technical know-how there.

I didn’t think the MH4 script would work on 3G models as well, maybe I should go get the files or bug someone for the already decrypted ones.

Textures would be lovely for these guys though, although I’m not sure if I should bother porting them when the higher res ones out of the WiiU version exist…

Anyone tried it on 4G yet?

There are already several MH requests on xentax, barely anyone cared.

The script works on MH4G models, I quickly tested it when the game was released. Not really useful without the textures though which are apparently swizzled.
I sent chrrox a PM about them a while ago but since I haven’t received a reply I will assume he just isn’t interested in them or the de-swizzling is too bothersome, whatever, it’s great he gave the 3U textures a quick look.

Could try looking at existing tools for MT Frameworks textures and models for reference. RE Revelations came out around the same time as MH3G did in Japan, and Revelations (on PC) is moddable, so it’s possible tools made for texture conversion there might work or be useful in extracting the textures here, although I’m not sure how the PC MT Frameworks formats differ from MT Frameworks Mobile.

what is the title key and version your using here.

Sent you a PM.

Any developments on this front?

For the Tri stuff I managed to get player animations out of the game, but there’s a slight problem with bones if I import any arm parts into a scene. Haven’t tried monster animations however, so I’ll get to that at some point.

Also haven’t gotten around to getting 3U models because no textures and I haven’t bothered dumping xorpads for it yet.

Monster Hunter 3 script here

Does that include something to nab the textures as well?

EDIT: just saw arctool has texture stuff, guess I’ll try that

Yep, texture plugin is here: (by chrrox/zaramot)

Oh cool, wonder how much more detailed the textures are compared to the 3DS version.

Also, I should probably look into grabbing 4U’s models at some point, charge blade is fucking amazing, and at least on New 3DS the boss textures look really nice compared to 3U. I just haven’t bothered with making xorpads from my 3DS to unpack it all yet.