Monster Hunter Armor?

I have seen Weapons and Monsters from this game but no armor at ALL, I would love to make some Monster Hunter themed pics, but I have no ragdolls to go with it, just using people in knight armor doesnt seem to fit it well.

All Im asking is to make a few types of ragdolls with some armor sets, a few male and a few female, Blademaster and Gunner, I dont need all of the sets, I know that would take way too long, but just some of them, like 10, 5 men and 5 women, or any variation like that.

If anyone is willing, please tell me so Im not waiting for it too come out, if I dont know if it will.

(If the missing apostrophes are annoying anyone, it isnt my fault, that key doesnt work for some reason right now.)

I have the files for it and am experimenting with them, im new to ragdolls, those weapons where my first time making anything. Ill have them done eventually, unless someone else is willing. i can send them the files.

Cool, I hope that someone can make them eventually.

it will be, just needs time, ooor volunteers.