monster hunter Creatures

After watching a few MH videos, i was wondering if someone could bring the bosses to gmod along with a few personal favorites.

Garara Ajara











dara amadyura ( Really big!!)






i forgot to ask, does anyone know where i can start searching for the source models and textures for them, mediafire maybe?

It probably can’t be done since these monsters come out in Monster Hunter Ultimate, which is on the WiiU. And I don’t think it’s possible to rip from this console.

what about the ones that aren’t from the Wii-U console? hopefully Zinogre isn’t apart of that, I REALLY want him.

i did some research and the only one that is in MH ultimate in this list is the brachydios, so i thik i’m in the clear.

did some research and it seems that the only one that might not be able to be modeled is he brachydios, which sucks. :confused:

Oogaboogaman ported a bunch of monster hunter stuff

i know about those, i was talking about adding some extra ones. it gets a bit boring using the same ones again and again.

Anyone want to take this up?

If someone actually manages to rip the models from the game, then I would do it.


I found this,but i don’t know if its any good

okay SPECIFICALLY, what do i need to find to make this work,what items. Here’s a few though I assume that’s where oogaboogaman got them from.

i recognize them, it’s the ones from the pack.

I’m already working on the smaller monsters from tri. What willwhitt is asking for are from new versions from monster hunter.

tbh, There was only three that i truly wanted, Zinogre, Shantien and Akantor. The MH4 creatures will more than likely be the hardest to find, if i ever do find them

Seriously though, what things do i need to find? Is it source models and textures?

A way to rip the textures and models from the game.

i just asked oogaboogaman if he knew the program that was used, hopefully he’ll give us an answer

He used something called brres viewer to do it, here’s what he said about it.

“I used a program called “brres viewer.” It allowed me to open up brress archives extracted from the .iso from the Wii game and convert the model files inside the archive to a readable format like .psk. Unfortunately I do not have the program anymore, but I’m sure other sites may have it upon searching.”