Monster Hunter Models

There are already some boss monsters from Monster Hunter Tri on the Workshop, but I’m looking for models of the smaller monsters, and possibly some models from MH3 Ultimate as well. Can anyone help me out here?


Can anyone help me out here?

Although they aren’t in Source format, you can find the models in OBJ format here:

They aren’t rigged, either, so may be less helpful than you may want.

I really wish I knew why people don’t even bother submitting rigged models from games which have known model formats (Super Mario Galaxy, and a large selection of other Wii games, mainly). It’s not like it’s that hard to export them with their original rigging or anything.

I don’t know how they got them, and the submitter for that community didn’t specify, but it is possible that some of the more skilled modelers/modders here can do something with them…or not. Considering they are lacking their original rig, it may end up being more of a hassle than its worth. Just pointing people to info, is all.

Just noticed why RTB is your tag. Didn’t expect to find someone from TMR here :slight_smile:

Not sure if it matters, or if anyone isn’t working on it, but I figured out how to rip/convert the models from MHTri for Wii into PSK (or MD5, whichever I can import properly), plus animations…but jeez is there a lot to sift through :frowning: and MHU is unrippable…for now.

Well, any models are appreciated… I wish I knew who made those original ones; that’d make things quite a bit easier.