Monster Hunter Models!

Could be from MHFU (PSP), MH3 (Wii) or even Frontier on the PC.

I would very much like to see a Rathalos ragdoll… According to the pokepark wii model thread, it should be (relatively) easy to port stuff from the Wii game.
(Read the first line of the thread, Monster Hunter Tri is on that list)
Not that I know anything about porting, but just giving what help I can.

Yeah I do hope ApocHedgie or RTB see this, they would be the coolest people ever to port these over.

Depends on if its using the same format as Pokepark.

bump with some sweet pictures of what we could have if someone were to do this

Looks like someone’s been having a bad imagination day.

It is- both Monster Hunter Tri and Pokepark Wii are on the list of games with a MDL0 (or something) format