Monster Hunter Tri weapons WIP thread!

[release]Yep this thread is about what the title says, Ports from Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. Im currently working on armor and im posting what ive done so far with the help of the following!

Me- For ripping and compiling.
Sekisa- For taking time to help convert most of the weapons to SMD’s
Oogaboogaman- For teaching me the steps to do this.
Big thanks to the two of you![/release]

Anyways on to some screens:

Pretty broken at the moment, im still really new to ragdolling.

OP is updated, also sorry for the lack of AA, my computer only seems to use it in ceratin source games, gmod isnt one of them.

I can make these into v_model + w_model with animations if you want :>

Sounds great, but i wanna touch up the textures. im still missing the normal maps and such.

can you port armors please?

I could try when im done with weapons, but from what i saw theyll be a lot more work. The gauntlets and leggins seem t come in 2’s so ill probably need to take the pair, split them and save them each as seperate parts. considering all the armor. then the male and female itll be a while unless i get some help.

EDIT: Incase people where wondering why theres 2 pics of each, its because i felt the need to have a picture showing them all and one showing the proportions.

Lot of them seem to have checkerboard reflections on them. Great work though, keep at it.

I accidentally had normal maps on the vmt so that happened since it didnt have any, its fixed now.

Dude, I fucking LOVE Monster Hunter. This is awesome!

Im very glad you approve. I need to do the rest of the weapons and make them look pretty.

Those swords are the size of fucking people

yep thats the way there supposed to be. ill be doing sword and shields soon and those are pretty small.

Kanji Okami, I cant decompile your fabulous ports… Could you possibly send me the smd’s?


Are there models of characters (Like the Guildie or Felynes) or armor sets you can import as well?

i can port them all, but theres an issue. i dont know how to rig stuff. if you or some one else could i could give them the files. armor ill do later when i finish weapons. also UchihaItachi nice animations, bear in mind all those weapons are two handed.

Cheers, and ye I saw that but I try to animate in line with existing world animations for believability in-game. :s

I see, still its a good job!

Beta 3 is now out! If you decide to check it out please give me some feed back! I would like to know the peoples feelings about the new bumpmaps and phong. Especially the phong tint color, is it any good?

Oh wow
If you can do the armor
And if the armor is jiggle boned for the floppy parts like shoulders and feet

Monster Hunter screenshots in Gmod