Monster/Mutant/Animal Ideas

Hello all, I would like to hear about some suggestions for different monster, mutant, and animal ideas! Some Ideas for animals I have are huge camel spiders and radiated Hippos, that guard their territory to the death and it will take multiple people to take it down. Also the hippo (if lead to a base) would be able to take down walls and foundations if not taken down within a few minutes. The Camel spider is already HUGE and scary looking and would also be able to sneak into the bottom floors of bases and attack the survivors (thus making bases less safe inside) also maybe implementing snakes, crocodiles, and maybe rhinos (all irradiated)? Just a few of my ideas. Also I know an animal thread has already been created, but i haven’t seen anything on monsters or mutants, post some drawings of your Mutants(since we are testers and can also help devs by putting in as many suggestions as we can to help them with ideas). I would love to see some ideas people have for mutants. NOTE: This is just for a future reference, I know that there are server issues and other things of more importance. PLEASE NO SHITPOSTS IF YOU DISAGREE OR HAVE SOMETHING SHITTY TO SAY KEEP IT TO YOURSELF PLEASE!!!