Monster tearing shit up

Hurr not really.

This was a really quick pose and edit, as you can see, but I haven’t posted anything in ages so I felt maybe I should let people know I’m still alive… or something. Or maybe I just wanted to show off.

Here’s the thread for the reskin.


C&C and what not if you like. I know there’s a lot wrong with this picture.


The tire-spinning looks pretty good.

Good work, I love it !

Looks decent.

I wanted real monsters.

Nice picture though.

The dust isn’t your best but it is good.

I expected something else. Nice work as always

Cheers for the comments. I’ll make something more substantial when I’ve got the skin finished and a second livery made.

I like the way you executed the wheels.

I like the DiRT images that you have done. Really nice.

Don’t know why, but I suddenly thought of a picture with this kind of cars and this kind of editing in a race with a car flippin on the background over a dune or something… If you are taking ideas then I hope you might consider it!

Looks great, I have nothing bad to say about the picture.

The monster energy drink logo on the side was a nice touch.

Cheers guys - didn’t expect this many comments on a picture of a car with no explosion in the background or anything.

I’ll work harder on the next one.

I actually did expect a “real” monster tearing “shit” up, like in killing people.
Surprisingly it wasn’t that, so good work.

I knew no one would come in a thread called “rally car goes over a jump” :v:

I love it.

That’s hot, I approve.