Hey guys, been working with maya… first time switched from 3dsmax… must admit it has its pros and cons… but none the less i thought id share my most recent creation… lol bit random, been playing pokemon… catch me im cool… but… kinda influenced my monster… quite massively if im honest, but still.

i have no idea how to uv map in maya yet so im gonna just bring this straight into zbrush and have a play to create something cool.

Anyways give me some feedback :smiley: cheers

A Loudred (well sorta), nice :smiley: Its looking really good ^^

cheers man, yeh was gonna copy it completely but changed my mind, decided instead to make my own design, heres the line art i did mega quick:

Hahaha, that’s awesome. I loved Loudred’s design, nicely job customising it. Now it just looks like a troll of some sort.

Also, this might be just me being a bit weird, but i could imagine it being really funny and almost suitable(depending on what it’s personality is like) if it had an almost subtle pair of testes just dangling on the bottom. That’s what your previous line art looked like :stuck_out_tongue: Same kinda humour i’d expect from Conker’s Bad Fur Day or something…


(My brother is such a nerd…)

I was just about to make that correction :stuck_out_tongue:

So it is :slight_smile: I’ve never really played any Gen 3 Pokemon games and I just trained up all the Pokemon in existance not really used them all (theres not much room to know all of them exactly right, expecially ones you dont use often :P)

Why are his feet dicks?

why not… pretty rough didn’t really know what i was going for there… will see what i can do when its in zbrush