To be honest not the most happy with it. I could have done better.

PSD - it might be up in a few minutes, but on this link

I really like your style.


I think it would be better with less intense glowing, more colours and maybe more contrast between light and darkness.
Looks really good IMO.

Looking at it I kinda have to agree with most of your points. I made the lightsource really really seriously overbright, or giant at least. As to the colours. I kinda wanted to keep them a bit more monotone so that the glow would come out more.

Still tried to do some fixes

First one is really sweet, very artsy, only flaw i see is that the 2 legs are kind of dangling in the bottom of the screen

Where in the world is that model from?

Looks like signature style editing.

pretty cool but I dont like the composition for some reason.

second one has some pretty ok editing but seriously what the fuck is going on with the posing

it’s like you took a dump on the brownies monster

and I ate all the brownies

and it was GOOD

cool editing btw

SiN: Episodes - personally love the models there.

I admit I’m a seriously rubbish poser. Trying to improve, but it’s going pretty slow for me. Guess that’s something you just have to build up a feel for.

ahahaahahshshhfdhfhdsfhhsdf oh my FUCK

i remember this. good times

Holy crap, this is awesome!