Monsters enjoying the Tropical Island

POCKET monsters!!! I did these for fun, on a TF2 map absed on Zelda Windwaker(All TF2 maps seem appropriate for Pokemon models from Pokepark Wii).For some reason, the shadows would not load when I was spawning models, and after reentering the map. Its probably just the map, I’m no good at adding shadows manually. Or editing. BUT I love these snapshots.

(Please do not criticize the models. Most of them are in beta, and these are the best looking pokemon models out so far. Unless you can port or make better models, then please; shut the hell up)

The whale one actually looks pretty nice.


At first I was like “what is this shit?” and then I saw the whale and I said “d’aaawwwww would ya look at that” and then I carried on down the page and was like “what is this shit?”.

Wailord happened to be the only cinematic style shot I was going for. There is no visible sun on that map, just those rays back there, I had to add in bloom and stuff afterwards.

wtf where is gardevoir

everyone knows gardevoir is the hottest pokemon

The fuck?
This doesn’t look much like source.

Lopunny has to be the worst Pokemon ever.

I get the feeling that I’m stating to hate pokemon.
You need to turn up the graphic next time.


The only slightly good picture got ruined by the horrible graphics.

This +chesty


And rate me boxes for that, I need them to make my graphics higher.