Monsters in a dense jungle [scene build]

Another jungle scene build. Im rather enjoying myself.

** “Run!” **

A bit too dark maybe?

Orignal: [/media]

Scene build:

A bit to default CSS models for me.

That monster model really sucks. And for God’s sake please download some custom weapons; no one wants to see a shitty CSS silenced M4… especially in a Vietnam-era pose.

Faceposing looks ridiculous.

wow, do those models really bother you that much, you can hardly see it all anyway. But ill download some better ones then.
I didnt really think the faceposing is bad, i wanted it to look like he was shouting.

Monsters don’t look too bad with editing and I’m fine with using CSS weapons for other than close ups.

This picture doesn’t fit any of those criteria.

“Run, go! Get to the choppa!