Monsters Never Cry

And for the fuck of it…

What this is based on.


the second one kicks ass

lol at last 1!

love the idea at the second one! very well done! winner for you.

second picture rocks

Second one would make a great ad for the new MK game.

That second one is fucking epic.

No love for the first one?


Personally don’t like sentimental pictures in gmod but.
plus Taki’s fingers look like dildoes.
What was project soul thinking?
oh right

Second picture is the fucking greatest

call me a sissy for liking the first picture but i do. the posing’s pretty damn good. no clipping in the fingers or anything. and that blood? classy. :]

second one’s pretty creative, as a lot of people have said. nicely done.

I love that second one. Especially Scorpion.

Yeah, you’re right, they dont cry.

Mostly cause he has a head thats a flaming-fucking-skull that shoots streams of hellfire. :v:

Thanks homies. :downs: